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Germcurb is a range of products used to assist and ensure a clean and germ free environment.

The products are simple to use and cost effective. Thus ensuring quick adaption to standard protocols with positive effect on increasing standards.

The products are extremely effective and necessary in the Hosipitality, Food & Medical Industry.

There are 2 categories of products

  1. UV Hand Lotion - Squeeze 1 to 2 drops into your hands and rub thoroughly. Do a quick check under UV light for even coverage. Wash hands thoroughly and check for any areas you may have missed.
  2. Clean Check - (Supervisor, Inspector) Rub a dot of clean check with your fingertips on various surfaces without the knowledge of the person responsible for cleaning. It will be invisible. Then after cleaning has commenced the supervisor or inspector will do a check with a UV torch to ensure that the hygiene protocol has been complied with.